Mission Ministry

Mission Ministries

AFC strives to mobilize Chinese Christian students and professionals to be a vital force for God’s Kingdom through mission conventions, mission commitment follow-up, and short-term mission projects.


Chinese Mission Convention has been held on the U.S. East Coast triennially since 1983 challenging attendees to fulfill the great commission in reaching Chinese, non-Chinese, and unreached people groups. CMC desires to recruit full time missionaries, together with the emphasis of all Christians as partners in God’s worldwide mission enterprise. Over 24,000 have attended CMC and over 3400 have dedicated themselves to serving God. CMC has resourced thousands with the intellectual, spiritual and material tools needed to go into God's harvest field.


In 2011, God opened the door for AFC to sponsor the first historical Chinese Mission Convention to be held in the UK and the first Chinese Mission Convention on the US West Coast. In 2013, CMC Europe was held in Spain in addition to CMC UK held again in 2013.  And as the Lord leads us, He has made the way for the planning of CMC South to be held in Houston in 2015.


The vision and focus of AFC’s mission ministry does not end with the close of each convention. Through the Next Step Follow-up program and partnership with churches and ministries, AFC is committed to follow up on the progress and special needs of those who dedicate their lives to full-time ministry and to provide mission resources and short term opportunities.


Please explore the website to get more details on each of the current Chinese Mission Conventions and on Next Step resources available.

Past and Current CMC Events:
 2016 CMC East (Baltimore )   Dec 27-31
   2015 CMC South (Houston)
Coming CMC Event:  2017 CMC West (Ontario, CA, Dec. 26-29)

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